Finally, a paperless meeting solution that works like you do
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Wondering where that ultimately simple paperless meeting solution is for you?  

It is right here at An elegantly simple paperless meeting solution that works like you do and https secure.

There’s practically no learning curve for the board secretary.  Training takes 30 minutes to learn how to cut and paste from your word processor and attach files to create a published agenda in 2 minutes.  Watch the video to see it to believe it.

Board members and the public point and click (or tap) to navigate material on the site.

Notifications to the public and board members are automatically generated when you publish an event or agenda.

Your site can be up and running in 24 hours from when you give us the go ahead.  Contact us now to get started.

The Features

any device access  - access agendas with any device.  No software or apps needed

upcoming events  - agendas are published on the site.  No more e-mail blasts necessary for notifications

public documents  - are attached to the agenda and are searchable

notifications - anyone with an e-mail address can subscribe to receive a notification when agendas are posted

board policy - always accessible with a single click

past meetings - all past meetings can be viewed and searched

for the board members

no training necessary - simple point and click navigation, file and document access

e-mail notifications - can include revision information about changes to the agenda 

private documents - private materials available only to board members after they log in to the site

private groups or committees - board members can be on committees such as policy, finance, or any other and have private agendas

annotations - private notes can be made on the agenda that are only visible to the board member

rapid ROI - return on investment is 3-4 months on average

no contract - there is no contract necessary to obtain service

automatic annual renewal - service automatically renews and is billed on the fiscal year (July - June)

happy public and board members - what can be better in addition to saving trees

no changes to procedures - keep doing what you are doing. There is no need to change because of a system that requires you to do things differently. works like you do.   

30 minute learning curve - don’t take our word for it.  Contact us and we will put you in touch with new administrators who will confirm it.

2 minute agenda publishing - if you do not believe it watch the video.

cut and paste - use Word or GoogleDocs for a clean cut and paste of your agenda to

multi-file upload - attach all your public and private files to an agenda in only two clicks.  You can attach any type of file including video

file descriptions - customize the description of an attachment.  You are not limited or forced to display only the filenames

publish minutes  - easily move approved minutes from private to public, after they are approved, and link them to the appropriate prior meeting

policy  - provide PDF files or edit your policy manual right on using our book module.  Both methods are fully text searchable.  You can also link to a 3rd party policy site or to your district website.

groups and committees  - create special groups for private or public meetings.  There is no limit to the number of groups you can create such as policy, finance, transportation and so on.

users  - add, delete and modify users.  You can assign users to groups.  You can even assign users edit capability within groups.

happy public and board members - what can be better in addition to saving trees and having more time with your family.

get started today - contact us and have your site operational in 24 hours.

User Vibes

Administrators love us

Because they learn in 30 minutes or less.  They do not have to change the workflow they have in place.  Support is available to them 24/7/365 along with extensive videos and detailed tutorials on our private support site. 

Just a few of our many, many fanS

Click on a logo for past meetings.  Select a public agenda.  Every site is different.

Geneseo Community Schools (IL)
Randolph Township Schools
Transylvania County Schools
Franklin Lakes Public Schools
Glenbrook High Schools (IL)
River Edge Public Schools (NJ)
New Hampton Community Schools (IA)
New Jersey Schools Insurance Group
Killdeer Community School District 96 (IL)
Pine Hill Schools (NJ)
Edenton-Chowan Schools (NC)
North Boone Community School District (IL)
Glassboro Public Schools (NJ)
Montgomery Township School District (NJ)
Metuchen School District (NJ)
Cambridge School District #227 (IL)
Township of Union Public Schools (NJ)
School District of South Orange & Maplewood (NJ)
Boonton Public Schools (NJ)

Board members have lives and do not need to spend extensive time being trained. is point and click - No Training needed.   They can use any device to prepare for a meeting - their tablet, phone, computer in their office or at home.

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